OneNote 2010 likes 2007, Pre has MOJO now and Amazon recalls two Kindle books

OneNote 2007 and OneNote 2010

The jkontherun website is reporting the OneNote 2010 is compatible with OneNote 2007.  This is important since there will be a web version of OneNote 2010 that will use Live Sync.  This could be a terrific answer to the EverNote advantage.  I’m hoping it will be as it will allow me to completely get rid of EverNote.

OneNote 2010 will, reportedly, have a new format as well.  Not sure what new features will be included in the new release.  Hopefully, we will find out soon enough with the public beta.

Palm released the MOJO SDK for Palm Pre

Thursday, Palm surprised us and released the Pre’s SDK.  It appears to still be a beta level release, but it still works well.  To make it really easy to use, you should download and install Eclipse and the MOJO add in.  The latest release of Eclipse works great and is no longer evil stepchild of yesterday.  Submissions to the Pre App Catalog will begin in the fall.

DRM on Kindle rears is nasty head as Amazon removes books from the device

Many Kindle owners awoke to find that novels they had paid for were gone.  According to Amazon, publishers have the right to pull their content from the Amazon Kindle store.  And, because this happened, owner who had purchased the novels received a full refund.  However, in this case, the books were recalled because the publisher did not have the rights to the books.  Amazon stated that this incident would not be repeated in the future.  The two books that were recalled were submitted through the Amazon self service platform. 

Ironically, the content in question was from George Orwell, the author of ‘1984’ and ‘Animal Farm’. 

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