Verizon app store, iPhone runs Windows, a new Pre commercial, Skyfire on Blackberry and WIFI on Sprint Smartphones

App-Store Madness

Verizon has informed its Smartphone partners that only its Verizon App Store will be bundled with the phones.  That means that the Blackberry App World and Windows Mobile Marketplace will, initially, not be available to customers when they purchase those shiny new smart phones.  I am guessing this also applies to the Pre and its App Catalog, though I don’t know how else the apps will get on that particular phone-and it also presupposes Verizon actually gets that phone.

Customers will have to manually add the portals to the devices, a move that will, most likely, hinder the growth of those portals, though how much is yet to be determined.  It also means that developers will have to undergo multiple approval cycles if they wish to cover as many potential customers. 

This just smells bad and is pretty much a smack in the face of those partners.  If Apple has proven anything with the iPhone App Store, its that it is something best left to the ‘owner’ of the operating system.

iPhone gets a real operating system: Windows 95

Yep, that’s right: iPhone finally got a real operating system in the guise of Windows 95.  An enterprising soul managed to shoehorn an x86 emulator onto a jail broken iPhone and install Windows 95.  The 5 to 10 minute boot time, naturally, precludes its use for anything other than a novelty.  Slide over to Engadget to have a look.

A new Pre commercial airs!

Why people are making a big deal out of Pre commercials is a total mystery to me, but, they are.  Another Engadget post even critiques the spot.  While, as a Pre owner and Palm fan, I am happy for the attention the phone is getting, announcing new commercials is just puzzling.  I suppose it is not any different than what the fan kids did for every bloody iPod/iPhone commercial that came out.  Still, buzz is buzz and I’m sure Sprint and Palm are happy about that.

SkyFire browser a step closer on Blackberry

A second alpha release and private testing invite was sent out by Skyfire.  The browser, when released on the Blackberry platform, will be a huge improvement over the current browser for that device.  Browsing on Blackberry devices is so bad, it makes the version of Internet Explorer that shipped with version of Windows Mobile prior to 6.5 look great.  Needless to say, that’s not much of a complement to mobile IE.

Sprint to require WIFI on all future Smartphones

According to various reports, Sprint will begin to require that all Smartphones that it carries be capable of WIFI.  I suppose the thought behind this is that with the burgeoning WIFI hotspot availability, customers should consume the large amounts of data via WIFI first and not bog down the Sprint network.  No matter the motive, I see this as positive.  I’d much rather eat data on my WIFI connection, which is almost always faster, than chew up my data plan.

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