iPhone 3GS WIFI not so speedy

While the iPhone 3GS has managed to sell millions of units and the overall thought is that it is a worthwhile upgrade, it seems that all is not well in iPhone 3GS land.  Apparently, the the WIFI and Bluetooth radios have problems.  Signal strength on the WIFI fluctuates, even standing next to the router.
Speed decreases, when compare with the 3G model, are the more widely reported issue.

Reportedly, speeds are nearly a third of what the iPod Touch has, on both download and upload speeds.  The problems seem to compounded when the devices are used in conjunction with the Airport Extreme/Time Capsule.

Interestingly enough, Apple has sort of admitted there is a problem.  They released a Knowledgebase article detailing a few potential ‘fixes’ for the problems.  They range from resetting networks settings, restoring the device to a bare 3.0 intallation.  The last solution involves a call to Apple for service.

While the Apple Knowledgebase article may help in getting WIFI working, it does not address the issue of speed or signal strength.

For a device that is being sold as ‘the fastest iPhone yet’, having one’s WIFI speeds cut to a third of what the previous iteration was, has got to be quite a blow to the device.  Apple will, surely, fix this soon, right?

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