From EverNote to NeverNote

Well, just as I was starting to really warm up to EverNote and it’s new web focus, it proves my original assumption about this web focus was correct:  if you cannot connect, you don’t get your data.  On the Windows client, you can have a local copy of your notebooks, but that is not true on the mobile version, at least for the Pre anyway.  If I recall, the old Windows Mobile client did allow you to copy a notebook to the device. 

For the last couple of days, I’ve not been able to reliably connect to EverNote and sync my notes.  And this is the real problem with the web based applications.  Be it poor programming, poor infrastructure or poor administration, NeverNote seems to have missed the boat.  At least Google’s services are up much of the time.  I have more luck logging into the Zune Marketplace-another poor web service-than I’ve had with NeverNote. 

I’m certainly glad I do have a local copy of my notes-in OneNote and was only relying on the EverNote cloud service to sync up several computers and my Pre.  Looks like I need to find an alternative means. 

One thing I am doing, for now, is ‘printing’ my OneNotes to pdf and emailing them to my gmail account. That way, I can, at least, access the data. 

EverNote’s syncing had some promise, too bad it failed to live up to that promise.

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