Hot new iPhone feature, as shown on TV

Just saw a new iPhone 3GS commercial touting a reason why it is the ‘most powerful iPhone yet.’  The reason?  Cut/Copy and paste.  No, really.  They show several situations where cut/copy and paste are useful.  All good examples, to be sure.  But, how sad is it that they are touting this as a reason why this particular iteration is the most powerful yet?  Seriously?  iPhone is a nice device and there is quite a bit that it can do that they DON’T talk about, yet cut/copy and paste is touted as a feature.  Something many, many devices have had for years and they are pushing it as something new revolutionary.  Funny thing is, many will probably believe that and take the bait.  My old Moto Q, running Windows Mobile 5, could do this from day one.  That phone is now four years old.  FOUR YEARS OLD.  I don’t think Microsoft nor Motorola EVER pushed cut/copy and paste as a feature: it was just something it did.  Maybe it is genius that Apple waited until the THIRD RELEASE of the phone’s software and THEN make a big deal of it.  Of course, it could have been all of that pent up demand from iPhone users.  It SHOULD have been there from day one as well.  But, as Apple and its faithful are fond to point out, they wanted to it ‘right.’  Huh.  I guess all of the other OS developers did not know how to do it ‘right.’  While it is a feature that should be there from the start, I have to say that I am not that sure it is all that important to begin with: I think I actually used the feature twice when I had my Moto Q.  Admittedly, I’ve already used it a few times on the Pre.  Maybe because the touch screen made it easier to use.  Whoa…touch screen…I guess Palm knew how to do it in release one of webOS.  Must have copied iPhone…oh, wait…it wasn’t there.  Oh well.

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2 thoughts on “Hot new iPhone feature, as shown on TV

  1. And the MMS they tout (again another feature all of the others have had for years) still doesn’t work. I do think the iPhone hitting the scene was good for consumers because it was a wakeup call to the other manufacturers.

  2. Yeah, it’s pretty funny what works and what only half way tried to work and the things they are promoting. No doubt iPhone was good for the market, and not just the cell phone market either. iPhone is an excellent example of a more consumer oriented device.

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