Palm Pre webOS update, Pre SDK leaked and Apple iPhone 3GS forgets your icons and turns the white phones brown

Over the last week or so, it was discovered that ‘homebrewed’ Palm Pre apps could be installed on the devices without having to hack them.  You simply emailed yourself a link to the install package and, viola! You had a shiny new application installed on your shiny new Pre.  Alas, the fun was not to last.  Today, Palm closed up that hole with a webOS update. 1.0.4 closes a number of undisclosed ‘security holes’, including said link install method. 

Also, over the past few days, an older version of the Pre SDK was found and made available.  The SDK, at least this version, seemed incomplete.  There was zero documentation and no ‘readme’ file to tell you how to install or what you needed in order to use the emulator and the API’s.  Fortunately, the Pre community is pretty smart and have figured most of this out on their own.  Go here for more on the SDK.

No discussion of the Pre-or any other smartphone-is complete without some comment on the iPhone.  So, read on for a couple of iPhone tidbits.

iPhone OS 3.0 has a nasty little bug:  It likes to not only rearrange your icons, but also re-assign them to other apps.  This story over on TUAW details the issue.  Resetting the device does not fix the problem.  The workaround was confusing and not without side effects. 

Apparently, the white iPhone 3GS is turning brown as it heats up.  A ‘small number’ of the devices are getting very hot and cause the white plastic to discolor.  Faulty batteries are said to be the blame.  Well, I suppose if that is all that it is, then you simply replace the batter…er, oh yeah, you can’t do that.  Huh.  Well, Apple will certainly fix the problem.  Maybe they will give another $30 credit in the Apple store. 

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