Windows 7 for $49, Apple’s $29 lie, Zune HD and Sprint’s Apple ad

  • Windows 7 is now available for pre-order for $49 from Best Buy, Amazon and Microsoft’s online store.  The upgrade is $49 for the Home Premium, $99 for Business.  The low upgrade price is only good for the next two weeks, so place that order while you can.

  • Speaking of Windows 7, the beta is about to expire.  The release candidate is still available for download, so if you are running the beta, you should probably install the release candidate or revert back to Vista.

  • Microsoft may be distributing Windows 7 on thumb drives in a move to allow netbook users to move to the new operating system if those machines do not have optical drives.  Sounds like a smart move to me.

  • Apple’s $29 upgrade price for ‘snow leopard’ is a bit on the misleading side.  According to a posting on ZDNET, the fine print for Apple’s service pack reads something like this:  if you bought an Intel powered Mac between January 2006 and September 2007, you will pay about $169.  If it was between October 2001 and January 2006, you cannot even use the service pack because is it only supported on Intel powered Macs.  Basically, only Macs purchased after October 1, 2007 and run Intel processors and have Leopard installed, are eligible for the $29 upgrade pricing.  Sneaky devils, those Apple marketing people.

  • For a time, Google perceived the Michael Jackson inquiries as an attack on Google.  As rumors of Jackson’s death made the rounds, an error message saying ‘We’re sorry, but your query looks similar to automated requests from a computer virus or spyware application.’ was returned instead of results to inquiries about the singer.  It took Google nearly 25 minutes to realize the traffic spike was real.

  • The Zune HD is rumored to be launching in 16gb and 32gb models with a starting price of around $249.

  • Sprint published a nice little ad taking aim at Apple and the iPhone.  It says ‘Your iPhone contract is up.  Perfect timing.’ and then goes on to espouse the goodness that is Palm Pre’s multitasking and of iPhones unitasking ability.  The photo in the ad shows a mostly eaten apple propping up a Palm Pre.  Classic.

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