SunTrust Indy Challenge in Richmond

IRLCar001The IRL is in Richmond this weekend.  It is always a blast to watch this series at Richmond International Raceway.  Any race at RIR is exciting, but watching Indy Cars race around that track is even more exciting.  These cars go much faster than the stock cars of NASCAR and those are pretty fast.  Its pretty cool watching such talents as Helio Castroneves, Danica Patrick and Scott Sharp race around this wonderful track.  I am a HUGE NASCAR fan, but the IRL is pretty darn exciting as well and does not get the attention it deserves.  While having Helio or Danica race in NASCAR would be pretty cool, it would be a real shame for the IRL to lose them.  If you are in the Richmond area this weekend, come on out to RIR and catch this cool race.  The SunTrust Indy Challenge is June 27 at RIR.

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