Online petitions and other irritants

There are days where I feel more like Oscar the Grouch than, say, Elmo.  Most days, I’m probably more Archie Bunker like, without the bigotry.  At any rate, I’m Oscar today and there are a few thing I want to get off my chest.

First, online petitions.  What the hell good are these things?  How many of them have actually persuaded anyone or anything?  My guess is zero.  Just today, I saw an online petition for Palm because someone thought the Pre should do something differently.  I have, recently, seen an online petition to Apple because of AT&T.  You know what? If you don’t like AT&T then don’t get an iPhone or buy one and jailbreak the damned thing.  As for the Pre, buy a different phone. Online petitions are just dumb and only work to sooth the people who ‘sign’ them.

Second, Steve Jobs health.  The dude was sick.  He’s a cancer survivor.  He had a liver transplant.  He and Apple chose not to make his problems public, and that is their choice.  Apple and Jobs have good lawyers and I am sure that they have done everything they were supposed to do as far as disclosure.  He took a leave from the company, which was the right thing for him to do.  Apple survived.  Get over it people.

Third, people who buy something and then endlessly complain about it.  Just looking over the Pre forums, I see people who are just bitching up a storm because of some perceived flaw in the device.  Some people have returned the device five times!  I have seen similar stories for the iPhone, Blackberry and, especially, Windows Mobile phones.  The problem extends to just about anything, really.  Look, if the damn thing is that bad, then take it back, get a freaking refund and move on with your life.  Sadly, I realized I do just the same thing with something called Evernote.  I deride this turkey every chance I get.  I am sure it is just as annoying to others as these forum posts have been to me.  I hereby cease this product.  Evernote is actually a fine tool, even in its crippled version three product.  If you want a low cost decent organizer, Evernote is just fine.  That’s all I have to say about that.

Lastly, netbooks.  I’ve written about these before, and I will again.  And that really bugs me.  A ‘netbook’ is a low cost, stripped down, crippled laptop.  They are usually under three hundred dollars and have tiny screens and cramped keyboards.  People are going nuts over this crap.  I just don’t get it.  Yeah, you can get one that runs an antiquated version of Windows for under two hundred bucks.  These things are probably just fine for throwing in your bag and going to Starbucks for a cup of java and checking your mail or doing some quick web browsing.  You could probably even do some light text editing.  You won’t write your next novel on these things, those.  Funny thing is, though, most people who buy them don’t really understand what they bought other than it was a cheap laptop that runs Windows XP.  A survey that was recently released, revealed that most netbook buyers do not know what a netbook really is.  The real question here is why bother with these barely usable devices when, for about fifty dollars more, you can get a real laptop that runs Vista just fine?  There are many good laptops available between three hundred and four hundred dollars.  Why would you buy one of these tiny little computers, that might do what you need, just to save a few dollars?  I just don’t understand. 

OK, I’m done with the mini-rants for today.  I think I’ll go shoot some alien invaders now. 

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