3D Image Commander mini review

3dImagescreenOne of the things I sometimes need to do is create catchy images with reflections, curvatures, borders, or other arty effects. I do this sometimes for this blog, mostly for work related items.  With the various image editors I have access to, I can usually whip up something, but I often spend quite a bit of time getting ‘just right.’  Well, there is a tool that makes this a breeze. 

The product is called 3D Image Commander and it works great.  The product allows you to place the image at almost any angle, various borders including curved, angled or none.  Reflection effects can be controlled and the curvature can be set.  You have a few options for saving the image as well.  You can save the whole thing, or crop just the image itself, with out a background.  You can also make the background transparent.

3D Image Commander is a nice little tool that has helped me out tremendously.  atari3It was recently part of the Give Away of the Day promotion and is also available from the developer’s website for $39.95.  I think it is worth every penny.  There isn’t anything that this application does that cannot be done with other packages like Adobe, the difference is that this application was designed, specifically, for a small set of functions and, because of that, it does them very well.

3D Image Commander is available from Binerus.com.  It is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 and OS X10.4 and up. 

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