Nearly one million Pre apps downloaded, Amazon DX out, Steve Jobs, Windows XP

  • The Palm Pre App Catalog may have only 30 apps at this point, but that has not stopped people from downloading those apps.  817 thousand downloads, in fact, as of June 20th.  That’s pretty impressive considering there is only thirty applications available. 
  • The Amazon Kindle DX shipped this week.  Reviews have been mixed, but mostly negative.  Many dwelled on the keyboard and the lack of navigation buttons on the side.  Engadget dinged it for many reasons, including the keyboard and buttons, and also complained that the orientation sensor was too sensitive. I have doubts about some of these reviews, but the overall theme seems to be: keyboard, price, previous and next buttons and heft. These are in addition to the usual gripes about the screen refresh and lack of color.  I suspect that if any of these people actually used the devices for more than the cursory looks they give them, they would realize the potential for the devices and just how useful they are. 
  • Windows XP.  Microsoft has, AGAIN, changed its stance on this dinosaur of an operating system.  They are going to allow DOWNGRADES from Windows 7 to Windows XP.  Seriously?  It is time to put this mess in the ground.  It was sort of understandable with Vista:  Vista’s compatibility issues, when it first was released, sort of forced the issue.  However, since most of the issues are gone and with Windows 7 virtual XP mode, there is no reason to continue supporting this thing.  XP’s days are over. Let it go.
  • Steve Jobs had a liver transplant two months ago.  The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Mr. Jobs had a liver transplant and is on track to return to Apple this month.  He went on medical leave back in January and has experienced issues related to his pancreatic cancer.
  • Jammie Thomas was fined 1.9 million dollars for making available 24 mp3 files.  She was fined 80,000 dollars for each of the 24 files.  While she was guilty-and admitted as much-the restitution is way too much.  There is no way she would have caused the media moguls to lose $80,000 per song.  No way.  This number was pulled out of a hat and cannot be indicative of an actual loss.  Thomas does have a potential out, though:  declare bankruptcy.  Apparently, a decision by Circuit Court in San Francisco could allow her to walk away, owing nothing.  There’s a good article, on C|Net about this here.
  • Twitter continues to be the voice of discontent in Iran.  Last Sunday, when none of the US broadcast or cable news outlets were giving little or no coverage, Twitter became the most important news outlets on the planet.  Flickr was used to pass on images and Twitter relayed the events in Tehran and elsewhere in the Islamic Republic.  So important was Twitter, that the administration asked Twitter to postpone some scheduled downtime so that news could come out of the nation. When the news outlets did begin to provide coverage, the ‘asked’ to cease and, in some cases, their equipment was confiscated. 
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