Palm Pre updates: webOS 1.0.3, SDK news, Pre faster than iPhone 3G S and battery info

There was some Pre excitement today, in addition to iPhone 3G S.  Incredible, I know.  Palm released update 1.0.3 to webOS.  The update addressed performance and stability issues.  Among the items updated are:

  • Calendar-updates sync within a few minutes and the interval between syncs has been set to every 15 minutes
  • Contacts-same type of changes as CalendarwebOSupdate
  • Email-Non SSL Exchange ActiveSync mail servers are now supported
  • Camera speed has been enhanced

Head over to the Palm KB for more and also check out the story over at Pre Central.

Palm also stated that the webOS SDK would not be available until the end of summer.  They plan to release the SDK in stages:

  • Beginning immediately, we’ll accelerate the growth of the early access program, expanding as quickly as resources allow. Over the next few weeks, the program will grow from hundreds to thousands of developers.
  • Simultaneously, we’ll begin publishing more content outside the early access program, and we’ll launch new confidentiality rules that will allow early Mojo developers to communicate more freely with the rest of the world.
  • As soon as we can, we’ll open the SDK to all legitimate requests.

Palm also addressed the non-SDK research that has been going on since the discovery of the webOS ‘restore package’ from last week:

We’ve also begun getting questions about Palm’s stance toward the webOS development “experiments” that have emerged outside the early access program over the last week. We’re focused on building a robust and easy-to-use Mojo SDK, and an ecosystem that benefits developers, end users, carriers and Palm alike. As on any popular platform, we recognize that some developers will experiment in ways that cross official boundaries, but we believe that our formal offerings – and community efforts built around those offerings – will provide the best experience for the vast majority of webOS developers and users.

C|Net Asia did a ‘speed test’ comparing the iPhone 3G S to the Pre.  The results were quite interesting.  No doubt, the iPhone 3G S is fast, but the Pre is faster.  Head on over to check out the video.

Finally, there has been some talk about using the Palm Centro batteries in the Pre.  This is, apparently, not a good thing to do.  While the battery will power the Pre, Palm says there is some on-battery power management that is not compatible with the Pre and could result in hardware problems for the Pre.  Sounds fishy to me, but, then again, I am not an engineer.

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