iPhone 3G S launches to no long lines or waits

iphone3gs iPhone 3G S was unleashed by Apple today.  Throngs of people, um, lots of people lined up and purchased the phone today.  No doubt, throngs more had already done the smart thing and purchased a Palm Pre.  Well, OK, those throngs likely pre-ordered the iPhone 3G S and avoided the wait.  iPhone is, without a doubt, a very popular device and the 3G S is a nice update to the device.  The video recording and limited on device video editing software is really, really useful.  I’m not sure about the compass, though.  Admittedly, Apple does not do too much without a lot of thought, so I am sure that something really cool is coming that will take advantage of the compass. 

As with anything Apple, there are the loyal, faithful and, dare I say, fans who tend to get a bit excited over anything from the fruit company.  One of them, Mr. Alex Lindsay, is really, really excited about the video recording of the iPhone.  So much so, he proclaims it a ‘game changer’.  What, with the ability to upload to YouTube and all.  Because, you know, NOTHING else will do that.  Sarcasm aside, Mr. Lindsay put together a nice little episode of his Mac Break to demonstrate the amazingness of the iPhone.  Go here to view this gem.

Last week, many Apple fans were scoffing at the debut of the Palm Pre, mocking the lack of crowds at stores on release day.  Granted, there was nowhere near the excitement that iPhone and iPhone 3G had generated, but the Pre held its own.  It was also available at far many retail establishments than the iPhone is/was and, as a result, the long lines were disbursed among those many outlets.  However, today’s launch of iPhone 3G S, if held to the same standards, was a ‘dud’ as well.  And this seems to have worried some of the Mac faithful, who were asking ‘why weren’t you in line this morning?’  The lack of that same level of enthusiasm caused some of the better Apple fan sites (and Engadget) to post ANYTHING they could find, including reports from stores IN VIDEO, no less.  Head over to TUAW and just peruse the multitude of nothingness.  Kind of sad, actually.  But, I have to admire the enthusiasm that these sites show.  It’s really cute.

To be fair, each release of the iPhone just makes the device better and better.  In fact, if iPhone were available on Sprint, I might have already bought one last year.  I certainly would have, this year, for $99US.  Palm, Microsoft, LG, Samsung and all of the others (including the robot too) really have to stay on target and move ahead if they do not want to become a has been or worse.  Microsoft was already close to being nothing, Palm was on the cusp of being a footnote.  Both are making progress, but Apple seems to, continually,  be out front.  Draconian rules or not, iPhone is a nice device and is the technological mark the others have to surpass.

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