PRE’s answer to Microsoft Live Search mobile

One of the things I have been missing since I got my Pre was the Microsoft Live Search for Mobile application.  Live Search was a nice application that combined something like Google Maps with Microsoft’s Live Search.  You could type your search query or speak it and Live Search would return either an exact match or a list of similar matches that you could select from.  You could get directions, see a map with the location and/or call the location’s phone number.  The application did other things like return local gas prices and other pertinent data about your location.  However, the application did not use GPS and, on the Motorola Q anyway, it was difficult to navigate.  Those minor annoyances aside, it is a very nice and very useful application. 

where_2009-17-06_231514Today, I discovered an application in the Pre App Catalog called Where.  Now, I had seen this application mentioned in the forums on various sites, but I had not looked into the application.  Well, today, an update was issued for the application.  Curious, I read about it and then downloaded.  This application is everything Live Search was and a bit more.  It does lack the voice control, but it takes advantage of the GPS and other Pre features.

When you first start the application, it determines your location and, from that point forward, it will return information based solely on your location.  You can, of course, change it manually. 

Some of its features include directions, Google maps, local traffic information, local news and weather, Starbucks locations and more.  Phone dialing is integrated into the application so if you find that restaurant you just have to go to, you can tap the name and its information is displayed.  Tap the phone number and the dialer pops up.  where_2009-17-06_231532Likewise, you can also add it to your contacts. 

The ‘WHERE Wall’ looks like a Twitter like service.  I looked at it, but did not participate.  I barely use Twitter, I don’t need another service.

Yelp and the Yellow Pages are also integrated into the application.  The Movies feature is especially useful.  Once you find the movie and theater you want, you can place a reminder on your calendar, add the theater to your contacts, get directions, etc.  This feature would be even better if you could watch movie trailers too.  One nice little touch, though, is if you tap the movie poster, it will expand to fill the screen.  Tap it again and it shrinks back to normal.

WHERE is a worthy replacement for Live Search.  It does lack a few features, but, overall it is a tremendous little application.

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