Safari 4: one week later, how does it compare to Firefox and Internet Explorer?

So, I have been using Safari 4 as my main browser for about a week now.  Aside from its goofy link management, I have been pretty pleased and somewhat impressed with the browser.  I think for home use, it is better than the other browsers I have been using: Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 3.  Internet Explorer 8 I had pretty much written off anyway.  This turkey is probably the biggest pile of poo to ever come out of Microsoft.  What a let down.

Safari’s visual link management-if that is what you want to call it-is clever, but I find it just gets in my way.  I don’t like the way it brought in my IE bookmarks:  It did not appear to sort them and actually broke up my folder structure.  The folders work using twisties, but when you open a twisty that is near the bottom of the list, it takes you to the top so you have to scroll back to where you were.  And I still have not figured out an easy way to restore its structure.  Add to that the redraw time for the visual part-the ‘coverflow’-and it can get a bit frustrating. 

One other BIG annoyance:  I am so used to RIGHT CLICKING to add a bookmark that I forget I have to use the silly button up next to the address bar.  UGH!  Every other browser allows you to right click and select add bookmark from the pop up menu.  Not Safari.  I guess it is Apple’s aversion to the right click.  I don’t know, but it gets annoying.  Retraining, I suppose, is the key.

Overall, however, Safari works well and page rendering really is noticeably faster.  It never really mattered to me how long a page took to load, as long as it was just seconds and not minutes or not at all.  However, seeing how quickly they load, I think I could get spoiled.

I have not yet decided to make Safari the default browser, but I am leaning that way and I never thought I would prefer an Apple developed piece of Windows software, but this just might be that one application.

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