AT&T pulls fast one on pre-paid customers for iPhone data plans

For two years now, AT&T has been offering a pay as you go data plan for the iPhone.  Called GoPhone, the plan is a pre-paid plan that requires no contract.  Apparently, they are going to punish their customers who use this plan by giving them sub-par data services.  If you have already been using the plan, you can continue to use it, but will receive inferior service.  AT&T wants you to sign a multi-year contract to use your iPhone.

According to an article on TUAW, AT&T is contradicting itself.  Erica Sadun, the author of the story, says that she is working with AT&T to try and unravel the situation.  As it stand right now, they are pretty much confirming that anyone using the pre-paid plan will get inferior data service.

The tactics that Ms. Sadun describes is just awful.  How in the world can a company expect to keep its customers, loyal customers, by strong arming them like this?  Sounds like they are trying to move new hardware as well.  Why would you agree to an expensive two year contract, with no price break when you can get a break on new hardware and a cheaper plan?

You have to read this to believe it.

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