No Windows 7 browser for Europe, Snow Leopard is just Leopard, new iPhone and Six Flags cannot pay its bills

  • Microsoft may release Windows 7 without a browser in the EU.  This week, Microsoft proposed releasing a version of Windows 7 without Internet Explorer 8 installed.  It would not be hidden, as in previous ‘removals’, it would be completely gone.  Instead, there would be a companion disc with the software that the end user would need to install.  Huh.  So, it the user chooses NOT to do so, then how would you get Opera on the computer?  Devious, those Microsoft people!  The EU judge says that they never intended for Microsoft to NOT ship IE with the OS.  I guess they are bright enough to realize you need at least one browser so you can get the others.

  • Apple shows off Snow Leopard and takes a few snipes at Windows 7 along the way.  During the keynote at the WWDC this week, an Apple spokesman, while extolling the many virtues of Snow Leopard, said that Windows 7 was just Vista BECAUSE IT WAS BUILT ON THAT SAME OPERATING SYSTEM.  He made it sound like it was a bad thing.  But, then he turns right around and explains why Snow Leopard makes Leopard even better BECAUSE IT WAS BUILT ON THAT SAME OPERATING SYSTEM.  Hmm…I guess they just HAD to diss Windows 7 and that was the best they could do.  Whatever.  It just seemed desperate.iphone3gs

  • iPhone 3G S was also announced at WWDC. The ‘new’ iPhone will have voice  control, a compass (wow) and will feature a faster processor than the current models.  It will be available in 16gb or 32gb flavors.  It will support OpenGL ES 2.0 which will make the graphics even better.  FYI-this support also could mean a fracturing of the App Store, specifically in the games arena.   The 3G S will also allow for video recording and limited editing features right on the phone as well as a 3mp still camera.  The new iPhone looks good, spec wise, anyway.

  • iPhone tethering, another new feature announced at WWDC for iPhone, AT&T says the feature is coming as is MMS support.  There was an audible groan when AT&T’s logo was missing during the presentation.  AT&T is just not yet ready for them, apparently.  Now, I’m sure they knew those features were coming.  How could they not be ready? Oh, and tethering is likely to be an expensive add on as well. 

  • Palm’s new phone finally released.  I’ve written quite a bit about that, so I’m not saying any more here. 

  • Six Flags theme park chain files for bankruptcy protection.  Again.  Saturday, the amusement park operator filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in an effort to cleanse itself of 1.8 billion dollars of debt. The filing should not impact the operation of the chain’s 20 park properties.  You can read more here.

  • Bing, Microsoft’s re-branding of Live Search, has overtaken Yahoo! for the #2 spot in search.  The question is, though, can it sustain that AND gain market share-and mindshare-from Google?  I’m not hopeful that it will.  The new search does look nice and works well, but I am concerned that it does not, apparently, index Microsoft’s own properties as nice as Google does.

  • The digital television FINALLY has happened.  The FCC says the transition was ‘smooth.’  They took about 300, 000 calls of which 30 percent were about how to use the converter boxes while another 20 percent were about reception issues.  So, that leaves 50 percent of the calls in the ignorant category.  I still question why no one would have known about the change.  Here in Richmond, VA,  our NBC affiliate made a mess of things by SWITCHING its digital frequency BACK to its analog channel.  So, EVERYONE who did, in fact, have a converter suddenly LOST the station.  I don’t recall them mentioning the fact that they were moving until AFTER the change.  They may have, just prior to doing so…which was at FOUR IN THE MORNING!

  • Shuttle launch scrubbed due to leak.  Saturday’s shuttle launch was postponed until July due to a potentially dangerous hydrogen leak.  NASA halted the count down just after midnight.  The astronauts had not yet suited up to board the spacecraft.

  • Finally, I’d like to give an overdue shout out to the Hanover Hawks for making it to the state high school baseball championship.  Though they lost, they showed what hard work and good ethics can do for a team.

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