Pre App mini review: Evernote

evernote_2009-12-06_210501 Apps are starting to trickle into the Pre’s App Catalog.  One app, in particular, caught my eye today:  Evernote.  Evernote, like the superior OneNote, is a note taking, data base and catch all.  Version 2 of the product was very usable and highly customizable in the use of templates and search capability.  Version 3 did away with them in exchange for Mac and web compatibility.  For a long time, I have held off really using the application because the lack of the templates impeded the way I used the application.  I still use version 2 at the office and OneNote at home.  I think I may have to change this, however.

The addition of Evernote for the Pre is intriguing. The app is more useful than the Windows Mobile counterpart, even though it feels incomplete and does not yet take advantage of the gesture based GUI.  For example, while you can view images in your tape, you can only zoom in to one part of the image. You cannot pinch to expand or contract the picture.  If you try to scroll, it just zooms out.  Clearly, the product was incomplete before release.

Incomplete or not, the application is very usable as is.  Since Pre has no desktop conduits, unlike previous Palm devices or even Windows Mobile, having the ‘cloud’ based sync is finally useful to me.  Until now, I have had little use for this feature.  And while I am not sure that I would use the web client all that much, I will probably use the Pre version of the application quite a bit. 

Applications such as Evernote on Pre make the device that much more usable.  Pre on its own is a fantastic device, add in an application such as Evernote and the cloud sync and you have yourself a truly useful device and software combination.

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