Palm Pre tips, tricks and shortcuts

The Palm Pre is a cool phone and pretty easy to use.  However, as with anything, there are always different ways to do things.  Shortcuts and alternate methods of doing things.  What I have not found, though, is one place that contains this information.  So, I am compiling yet another list, this time of shortcuts and other tips and tricks.photos_2009-09-06_221307

  • To get a screen shot, hold down the Orange button, SYMbol and P. Screen shots are stored in a folder called ‘screencaptures’ and is accessible via USB.  You can also set them as wallpaper or send via email.

  • To launch an application without starting the launcher, slide open the keyboard and begin typing the name of the application.  webOS will begin searching for the application and return a list of hits.  Also included in the search results are contacts.  You can then tap the application (or press Enter if it is already highlighted.)

  • To dial a contact by name, open the phone applications, tap the menu and open the phone preferences.  Slide the ‘Show Contact Matches’ button to ON.  Now, you can dial a person by typing their name.

  • Pre’s screen resolution is the same as the iPhone/iPod Touch so wallpapers designed for them will look just as nice on the Pre.

  • Pre’s resolution is 320 x 480 and uses 24bit color.

  • iPhone/iPod Touch non-drm videos will play on the Pre.

  • Hold the Power button and cycle the Ringer button on/off three times to perform a soft reset.

  • To perform a universal search, tap the home button to return to the card view, type your search and then select the service to use for your search (i.e. Google, Wikipedia, etc.)  Note, webOS will also search your phone and the applications that are installed.  Search works pretty well this way.

  • To remove a bookmark, hold down the orange key and tap the bookmark.  Alternatively, tap the menu and select the bookmark and flick it off the side of the list and select delete.

  • To add a web page to the launcher, open the page in the browser, then tap menu, Page, Add to Launcher.  On the next screen, tap the icon.  You’ll see a representation of the page display.  Move the page around to create the icon that will be displayed in the launcher.  Tap Add to Launcher when done.

  • Organize your photos into albums:  connect the Pre to your computer and select USB Drive.  Create a new folder using your operating system (Explorer in Windows) and then drag and drop photos into your folder.  Repeat the process until you are done.  Disconnect the Pre from your computer (remember to EJECT it from Windows if you are using that operating system.)

This list is not exhaustive, so please refer to the sources below for more.  I’ll add to my list as I weed through what I find. 



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