PSP Go announced for real, new Mario and Metroid announced at E3 2009

E3 today hosted press conferences by Nintendo and Sony.  Both announced products that were expected: the PSP Go from Sony and new Mario games from Nintendo.

Sony’s new handheld, the PSP Go, is a disc-less slider style handheld unit.  It will feature a 3.8 inch LCD, built in Bluetooth and  16gb of storage.  The unit also features wifi.  You will get your games online via the Sony Online Store.  Games will be stored in the 16gb memory or memory stick (yes, Sony will not give up on them.)  Games will also be available on UMD for the older PSP units.  Sony says PSP Go is not meant to replace PSP.  Right.  Just like DS was not meant to replace the GBA or GBA SP.  Look how long that lasted.  I would not expect huge sales right away:  the cost of the device is $249.

Nintendo had no earth shattering announcements, but they did have some pleasant surprises.  Super Mario Bros Wii was announced.  The Wii version of the DS game features co-operative play for up to four people.  The graphics looked great and game play is classic Nintendo.  It is a 2d side scroller in a 3d world.  Also announced was Super Mario Galaxy 2.  A sequel to Super Mario Galaxy, the game will be available in 2010.  A new Metroid game was also announced, but few details were revealed.  The new game will be more adult oriented and will be one of the first Nintendo sanctioned games to feature a more adult theme.

Nintendo also showed of the Vitality sensor.  Really, just a pulse-ox sensor that you clip to your finger.  I cannot quite figure out what the application for such a device might be.  I’m not quite sure just how much fun one can get out of a medical device.

Watching the coverage of G4 is very entertaining.  They do a decent job, but, admittedly, I get a bit tired of the Sony slant.  It’s like watching an endless barrage of Mac commercials:  entertaining for a few minutes, tiresome after that.  Oh well, no one if forcing me to watch.  (Equally entertaining:   the hopelessly optimistic “this is the year of PS3” they seem to spew out each E3 since 2007 and Nintendo schools them each time. )

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