Ice Road Truckers return to ice, E3 starts, Susan Boyle and Microsoft news

  • Ice Road Truckers began new season.  I find this program to be oddly compelling.  Who would ever have thought that a program about a handful of truck drivers who haul freight to remote posts in the Arctic would be compelling enough for one season, let alone three.  The exploits of drivers Hugh and Alex are enough to keep you coming back, but this season, there are three new guys and a pretty attractive young lady who happens to drive a semi on ice.  Pretty cool stuff.  Ice Road Truckers airs on the History Channel every Sunday at 9PM.
  • The E3 Video Games conference starts this week.  Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are all expected to unveil new hardware and software.  Sony is rumored to be bringing out a new PSP that leaves out the UMD drive and a newer, slimmer PS3.  Microsoft is supposed to announce the Zune integration and discuss the new Zune.  Nintendo, it is hoped, will talk about a new Mario game and, hopefully, an HD version of the Wii. 
  • Susan Boyle lost the Britain’s Got Talent contest.  She lost out to the dance act, Diversity.  Ms. Boyle was very gracious in her lost and praised the young group, who will perform for the Queen and received 100,000 pounds.  100,000 pounds is approximately 159,000 US dollars.
  • Microsoft confirmed the removal of the three app limit for Windows 7 Starter.  The move was designed to make that version of the operating system more appealing for use in small netbooks. 
  • Microsoft reveals ‘Bing’, it’s new ‘discovery’ engine.  Bing is the upgraded and rebranded Windows Live Search.  Microsoft says they are strictly targeting web users and have no intention of bringing Bing to desktop.
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