Zune HD release date and PRE news

According to Paul Thurrot, who revealed this on the Windows Weekly podcast, the Zune HD is to be released on September 5.  No confirmation from Microsoft, other than ‘in a few months.’  At the ‘All Things D’ conference this week, Steve Ballmer actually said ‘next month’, but Microsoft very quickly retracted that and said ‘in a few months.’

Engadget and Gizmodo have video demos of the device.

The new device will be flash based, but no details about how big the flash drive will be.  No pricing information has been released either.

In another interesting bit of news, Palm confirmed, at the same conference, that the PRE will sync with iTunes 8.  iTunes, apparently, will see the PRE as an iPhone.  I am wondering how long it will be before Apple closes that hole.  It will be interesting to see Apple’s response to the PRE, over all.  The PRE is due to be released on Saturday, June 6.

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