Mac OS Ken

I realize that countless stories and postings about the cult of Apple get tiresome, and I am guilty of it as well, but it has to be one of the most fascinating subjects in the tech world.  I know some really devoted Microsoft fans-I’ve been accused of being one myself-but the Apple fans I know are even more devoted, though not to the point of such people as Key Ray, Alex Lindsay and Scott Bourne.  The latter two are at least entertaining and likable people and it is easier to over look the Apple fandom.  Key Ray, however, is a different story.

Mr. Ray is the host of Mac OS Ken, a daily podcast devoted to all things related to the company of fruit.  His podcast is one that I listen to, all at once, once a week.  Listening to it daily would be pushing it.  Actually, his podcast is OK.  Technically speaking, he does a fine job.  The quality of the audio is really good and consistent, his presentation is fine and the music is not all that bad.  It it the content that is questionable.  Now, the information-the Apple oriented stuff, anyway-is usually very accurate.  It is when he begins talking about anything that is remotely competitive with Apple and its products or anything related to Microsoft where he goes astray.  He cannot report any of that type of news in a straightforward manner or even give the most recent version of the facts.  Sometimes he will present ‘facts’ that may not be correct as if they were, even if later it was proven they were wrong.  I have never heard him retract something, unless it makes Apple look good.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying he is dishonest, because from what I can tell, he’s an honest guy.  But he just does not report any corrections to the non-Apple stories he relays.

While I’ve learned to get used to the anti-Microsoft slant from him and other Apple fankids, it’s the attacks on other companies that just really puzzle me.  Take, for instance, the Palm Pre.  The Pre is, no doubt, going to be competition for the iPhone.  Already, before the device is even released, he is right there crapping on the product.  He is, in effect, doing exactly what he and the other fankids were complaining about prior to iPhone being released.  It is as if he and other fruities are scared crapless that the Pre will steal thunder from the fruit company phone.  I will wager that had Pre met with less enthusiasm than it has, he and the others would fret far less-if at all-than they are now.

Given that the iPhone is such a nice and elegant device (did I just type that?) and ‘just works’, why are these people so bent out of shape over the Pre? I can’t wait to see the anti Zune HD dribble these people will, no doubt, put out.  The HD is getting very good early reviews.  I can’t wait for Mr. Ray’s take on it.  No doubt, he will crap all over it with out even seeing it.  Yep, this will be very entertaining indeed.

You can subscribe to his podcast in the ZUNE Marketplace.

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