Randall Kennedy says Microsoft is guilty of collusion over Windows 7 and netbooks

In the ‘ya gotta be kidding’ arena today, another stupendous post by the notoriously anti-Microsoft ‘journalist’ Randall C Kennedy posits that Microsoft and hardware makers are engaged in ‘price fixing’ because Microsoft has a set of guidelines that determine the types of machines that are eligible for lower cost versions of Windows 7. 

According to Kennedy, Microsoft’s ‘archaic, multilevel pricing strategy’ is what will cause the hardware makers to go with the low end version of the operating system so they will, naturally, ‘fall in line.’  He goes on to say ‘On the surface, the situation reeks of the worst kind of collusion’.  Huh?  So, according to him, if these hardware makers choose the Starter edition of Windows, that is the same as collusion. BUT…if they were to put Ubuntu on them, since there is no one company involved, then that is OK.  Never  mind that it is pretty much the same thing.  By his logic, these companies will go low end to keep the price down. Well, yeah, I’d buy that.  I would also point out that, at the very low end, there really are only two choices:  Ubuntu, which is FREE or XP/Windows 7 Starter which are low cost.  I have no doubt that most of the low end ‘netbooks’ (I really dislike that name) will be offered in both Windows and Ubuntu offerings. 

He scoffs at the maximum hardware configurations for Windows Starter Edition.  Newsflash…LOW COST means minimal hardware.  Once you go beyond a certain point, then it is a NOTEBOOK and, thus, should demand a higher price.  If I were Asus and stuck a fast processor, larger screen and two or three gigs of RAM in a portable, clam shell case, I would call it a NOTEBOOK, put a better version of Windows in it and charge a lot more money for the thing.  If I am trying to sell something with a weak processor, little memory and tiny screen-a NETBOOK-then I would put Ubuntu and/or Windows Starter on the damn thing. 

This is but one more of Kennedy’s diatribes against Microsoft and it is, yet again, sad and just poor writing.  But, I suppose, it did get him more attention.


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