Helio wins, no app sharing, Atlantis back and Sarah has been terminated

  • Congratulations to Helio Castroneves for winning the Indianapolis 500.  This was, perhaps, the most exciting 500 in recent memory.  I’m not sure that is saying allot for this particular race or that the previous few years have been kind of lackluster. Not sure.  Other notable finishes were: Danica Patrick came in third and John Andretti finished 19th in Richard Petty’s #43.
  • Microsoft has reversed course on the app sharing feature of the Windows Mobile app store.  Yep, you will only be able to ‘share’ with your own devices.  Upto five of them.
  • The space shuttle Atlantis returned to Earth.  After a successful mission to repair and upgrade the Hubble Space Telescope, Atlantis touched down Sunday.  The landing had already been postponed several times due to bad weather.
  • Apple rejects books and then…you get it, they changed their minds.  Too much heat, I suppose.  Whatever.
  • The US Army does the unthinkable:  to deploy Vista AND Office 2007.  Yes, that lowly and god awful operating system-at least, that is what some would have you think-known as Vista will deployed by end of year by the US Army.  They also will be deploying Office 2007.  Good for them.  See, I told you…it isn’t SO bad.  If it is good enough for government work…
  • Sun is getting into app store craze.  Yes, you read that right:  a JAVA app store.  Wow.  I am truly speechless.  That is what we need, another app store to dole out more crappy apps ‘cause we can’t find them on our own.
  • Sarah Connor has been terminated.  Fox television has managed to do what Skynet has failed to do:  terminate Sarah Connor.  Low ratings and high production costs spelled doom for the show.  SyFy, you could be mankind’s salvation…or, at least, Sarah’s.
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