TiltShiftMaker application

Lifehacker did it again…they introduced me to another really cool little application to make things a little easier.  In this case, the application called TiltShiftGenerator.  The application automates the creation of tiltshift photos. 

Tiltshifting is the art of making a photo of a real life setting look like it is fake or a model.  I explained how to do it using some tools like Adobe Photoshop Elements.  This application makes it really easy.

You can download it here.  The application is an Adobe Air application, so you will need to download and install the Air runtime if you do not already have it.TiltShiftMaker

Once installed, creating your fake reality is simple and fast.  Start the application and click the OPEN button.  Select a photo (one of a city, town, amusement park, racetrack, etc. is best) and then adjust the focal point by clicking the area on the photo.  the blur tool will then move to the cursor location.   The effect using the default settings is pretty good.  You can tweak the results by sliding the appropriate sliders left or right.  The sliders I tend to adjust are the Strength under Vignetting and the Center Radius and Strength under Blur.  Once you have the photo the way you want, click Save.  NOTE:  the application will not put the extension on the file if you delete the default filename and put your own.  You must put the complete filename in the box.

The application is free.


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