My Zune problems are just about gone…was I too quick to judge?

Some weeks ago I posted a rant about the Zune.  At the time, I was having all kinds of problems with the software…the device-other than the one day hiccup at the end of 2008-has yet to give me any real problems.  The problems I was having with the software seem to have coincided with some issues that Zune Net had plus a seeming issue with Vista 64 bit.  Well, since then, the problems seem to have gone away.  And now that I have Windows 7 installed, it has been working just fine. 

I don’t know that I’ll be buying many television shows from the service, since I don’t have a newer Zune and the Zune 30 is not the best video playback device-at least when used on a decent television.  But I will buy a few songs now and then.  I am still looking forward to the Palm Pre and its multimedia capability.  It would be better to carry one device than two.  And, no, the Motorola Q is NOT a good multimedia device.  The more i use that, the less I like it. 

And, by the way, Microsoft has a new commercial out that is touting the benefits of the Zune Pass.  In it, they compare purchasing 120gb of songs for an iPod  with the $15 a month Zune Pass.  If one were to actually purchase enough music to fill up 120gb device, it would run around $30 thousand dollars.  Of course, most people won’t be doing that so the commercial is a bit disingenuous. Still, though, there are those who will purchase a tremendous amount of material from iTunes and will spend quite a bit of money doing so.  The Zune Pass is a great deal for those who wish to try out new music, download temporary music such as for parties or holiday gatherings.  Also, the ability to download ten tracks a month to keep makes the pass even more attractive.  Take away the cost of the ten tracks and you pay about five dollars a month for all you can eat music.  Not too bad at all.

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