Duke Nukem is forever, but 3D Realms is not…RIP

The first FPS (first person shooter) that I can remember playing was Wolfenstien 3D.  From that game, I went on to other games like Doom, Quake, Duke Nukem3d and others.  During that same period, though, I also fell in love with the cool 2d side scroller platform games from Apogee.  One of the games was the original Duke Nukem and when 3D Realms brought out the Duke Nukem 3d game, I was ecstatic.  One of my favorite games was modernized and became a 3d game.  How cool was that? 

I eagerly looked for and downloaded other 3D Realms demos and would, every now and then, splurge and buy a game based solely on the playable demo.  I thought Apogee and 3D Realms were tops and that they would go on and on, redefining gaming several times.  Unfortunately,  that did not happen.  While they managed to hang on for 21 years, 3D Realms and Apogee have shut down.

Many things probably led to the closure of the gaming studios.  I’m sure the economy and the over all PC gaming slump did not help.  The perpetually in development Duke Nukem Forever-started in 1999-did not do much to help them out either.  And, sadly, that game will never see the light of CD/DVD/BluRay either.

I have many fond memories of both studios and am sad to see them go.  They really did set the bar high, early on, and maintained a style and quality that was unique.

Good bye and good luck to all involved.

You can read the farewell here.

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