Comcast increases speed and intros two new levels of service

I got an email today from our friends at Comcast.  The email, very enthusiastically, proclaimed that my internet service speed had been increased and, depending on your current subscription plan, it doubled in speed for both upload and download.  If you have the basic service, which is 6mbps, you now have 12mbps and so on.  It announced that this increase in service was because they had implemented the new Docsis 3.0 upgrade.  Fair enough.  My problem with this-and, I’m not complaining-is that I *THINK* I already had the Blast! service and anyone with the Blast! service will not see much improvement other than the upload speed is now 2Mbps instead of 1Mbps.  OK, so no speed improvement and that is OK.  However, those who had the Performance PLUS plan are now on the Blast! plan.  And that’s my beef.  Unless I am reading the email and the Help and Support page wrong, there is no increase in cost-which is as it should be.  So, I’ve been paying extra for this Blast! service and now those who were paying for the lower priced Performance PLUS plan now get the same thing I am paying more for…am I missing something?  And, even if I am wrong about what I am getting, those who are paying for the Blast! plan should be upset.  Is Comcast going to lower that plan now or are they going to charge the newcomers more? Either way, seems someone did not fully flesh this out.

The Docsis 3.0 rollout also brings along two more plans:

  • Ultra: 22Mbps down and 5Mbps up (30Mbps down and 7Mbps up with PowerBoost)
  • Extreme 50: 50Mbps down and 10Mbps up, no PowerBoost here.

Don’t misunderstand me, however.  I am glad to see Comcast increasing the speeds like this without, seemingly, increasing our costs.   I hope this trend continues.

And, by the way, while Comcast’s stated bandwidth cap is 250gb, which is more generous than others, I am still bothered by that limit.  What incentive do I have to actually take full advantage of this service if I have wonder how close I am to this limit.  I now watch much less on line video than I used to, I am more selective in what I download (and almost passed up on the Windows 7 download because of its size and not knowing how close I am to that limit.)  The increase in speed is nice, but I find myself wondering what good it will do me with an artificially imposed limit on much I can use.  I started out with what was supposed to be ‘all you can eat, no limits’ way back in the 1999 or 2000 when it was Excite@Home.  Somehow, over the years, that became ‘all you can eat, up to xxx’.  To be fair, I have to say that Comcast has greatly improved the stability and uptime of the service.  I experience relatively few interruptions now.  Customer service is a bit better, no doubt due to the Twitter presence they have.  In fact, I recently tweeted one of the Comcast Cares Twitter people and asked about the consumption of services such as Hulu and Comcast’s own Fancast service.  I had thought that maybe the Fancast service would not count against me.  This person responded, very honestly, that, yes, in fact it would count.  I appreciate the responsiveness and honesty of the people they have monitoring Twitter.

Anyway, those who have the updated service may have to power down and back up the Cable Modem in order for the service to work.  I believe there is a moderate increase for me, but that might be a psychological thing-I want to believe!

Kudos to Comcast for the overall improvement to not only the service, but to its customer service as well.

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