Windows 7-In place upgrade from Vista caused missing start menu, but otherwise worked fine

Yesterday, May 5, Microsoft released the Windows 7 RC to the public.  So, last night, I installed it in a VirtualBox VM. Ran fine there, but the VM had basic video so most of the cool guy effects were disabled.  It also was very sluggish and I am sure that is a configuration issue.  At any rate, I decided I would rather play with the real thing, so I put it on my primary desktop.  Instead of doing a wipe and install, I did an in-place upgrade over Vista SP 1.  So far, I’ve only encountered one oddity and, boy, what an oddity it is.

After the 2 plus hour upgrade, I was greeted with the Windows 7 login screen.  By the way, it is a really nice looking screen too.  Anyway, after logging in and letting it finish setting up the desktop, I proceeded to the Start Menu to see what new things were there.  Well, instead of finding new stuff, I saw NOTHING under the ‘all programs’.  What a shock that was.  I went looking around for the Start Menu folder, which has now been replaced by a short cut.  The actual start menu folder is now in the App Settings directory under ‘ROAMING’MicrosoftWindowsStart Menu’.  Yep, everything was there, so why couldn’t I see it?

A quick jaunty around the net took me to this forum.  Sure enough, others have this issue as well.  Well, one smart soul had a workaround:

Here’s my work around that works even after rebooting:

  1. Click on the Start Menu.
  2. Right Click on “All Programs”.
  3. Select “Open All users”
  4. Open the Programs Folder.
  5. Create a new folder named “A”.
  6. Drag all the other folders into the A folder.
  7. Close Windows Explorer.

You’re done. When you click on “All Programs” you’ll see a limited number of Program Items. If you click on the A folder, you see all of your Programs. NOTE: In this folder the folders follow single shortcut items.

So, that got my shortcuts back, but it looks terrible.  I’ll organize it later.

So far, Windows 7 has been functioning just fine.  I like the way the task bar works, though I do miss the quick links.  I’ll get over that, I suspect.  The nice little extras like Aero Shake and Aero Peek are actually pretty useful.  The changes to the live preview on the task bar are also very useful.

I’ll post more once I’ve played around a bit more. Oh, in-place upgrade from Vista SP 1 works, but it takes a LONG time.

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