Presto! Your machine boots in seconds…maybe

One of the blog sites I visit everyday is the set of blogs over at ZDNet.  One of them, tonight, caught my eye:  “Presto! In ten seconds, you’ve got an Internet desktop.”  Well, that’s an intriguing headline.  So, click the link and read the entry.  It was written by Jason Perlow, who tends to cover the open source scene for ZD Net. 

Presto! is a Xandros Linux distribution that installs as a Windows application.  It will run on the NTFS and is very light.  I thought, well, why shouldn’t I try this?  There have been times when I needed to check something and did not have a PC running.  So, I clicked his link and that took me to the Presto web page.  I decided to try it out.  So, I downloaded the application and installed it on my DV7 laptop.  The installation went pretty smooth and I received no error messages.  Then, the moment of truth:  I restarted the machine.  I selected Presto from the boot menu and…I got the grub prompt. 

What?  I restarted again and got the same result.  On my desktop, I went to the support forum and found that others had this same problem.  The problem with this is that all the so called support person would do is instruct users on how to send this hardware log to them.  None of them offered suggestions on how to fix the issue.  I also encountered many, many unhappy users.  They all had issues with the support from Xandros.  All the Xandros people, all two of them, would do is just give the same instructions on sending these logs.  One of the sort of kind of implied it was a Windows problem.  Riiiight.  I promptly uninstalled the software.  Saving a minute from the boot up time was not worth the hassle AND, on top of that, Presto is twenty bucks.  No thanks.

If you are still interested, you can go here to read Jason’s post and here to download and try this thing.  Personally, I’m not sure that shaving a minute of boot time is worth the hassle or the twenty dollars.


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