Kindle DX, Amazon’s new e-reader

Kindle DX After days of speculation about a new, larger Kindle, Amazon confirmed it with a press conference today.  The 9.7 inch Kindle DX was unveiled at a press conference in New York City.  In a very Apple-esque move, Jeff Bezos introduced the new device along with plans to distribute it via the New York Times and five universities.

The newspaper tie in comes in the form of a subsidized device in exchange for a two year contract/subscription.  The catch, however, is that only those people outside of the delivery area of the paper is qualified…so, pretty much the whole country except for those who are most likely to want the device.  That’s brilliant.

The universities will sell the device to students who will no longer have to lug around heavy-and expensive-text books. 

The device is 9.7 inches, considerably larger than the previous models.  It has 3.3gb of memory and motion sensing ability:  it knows if you turn it sideways and will draw the screen accordingly, kind of cool I think.  It still includes the ‘free’ 3g wireless, 60 second downloads and a library of over 275 thousand books are available.  It also natively supports PDF, which is new.

The new device will be available in the summer and will sell for $489.  The price is a bit high, that subsidy better be pretty darn good or they will not move many of these.

You can read more here and here.

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