David Poole

Tuesday morning, sometime shortly after 11am, motorsports lost one of its finest writers and personalities.  David Poole was a writer for the Charlotte Observer and was also the co-host of “The Morning Drive” radio show on Sirius XM Satellite Radio.  Mr. Poole was one of those writers who was not afraid to ask questions that others dare not ask.  His beat was the NASCAR scene and he covered it well but was never afraid to question the sanctioning body, any of its drivers or even the venues where the races were held.  Just this week, he was calling for a change to the racing at Talladega in the wake of a last lap crash that sent Carl Edwards car into the fence.  Seven people were injured.  Mr. Poole posed the question “how many” in regard to how many people get hurt before we care.  Those were the kinds of things he would question.

Mr. Poole was very much in tune with the sport that he covered.  He would argue his point and rarely ever retracted something he said or a point that he made.  There was good reason for that:  he was usually right.

I started listening to him a few years ago.  He, on a daily basis, would say something that either disagreed with or would simply tick me off.  There were days that I changed the station or played a CD because he had made a statement that just irritated the heck out of me.  And there were days that I agreed with everything he said.

I was never a big fan of his but I never stopped listening to what he had to say.  And on those few days where he was not on the program, I usually turned it to something else.

That he could stir such strong feelings in people, either way, is a testament to the type of person he was.  He was very funny at times and very maddening at times. But one thing you could count on, he was very passionate about the sport and he had one thing that many lack today: integrity.

Mr. Poole, you will be missed.

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