Digg’s finest

Digg has introduced me to many a worthless story and even more worthless headlines to get me to read a story.  In recent years, Digg has become a playground for what appear to be teenagers trying to get some publicity or, at least, appear older than they are. Whatever age they may be, there is no denying that the stories are often quoted out of context or made to be something they are not.  Many stories also try to show just how bad we in America can be.  Take, for instance, this eye catching headline:

How Many African Kids Could Celebrity Engagement Rings Feed?

Seriously?  I clicked on the link and read the ‘story’.  The site, Cat Walk Cat Fight, appears to be a major fluff site with posts like: ‘the secret of Coconut oil’ and ‘Prom makeup tutorial’.  I suppose a story about starving African children and one to ‘fix’ the problem is a conscience soothing piece.  I don’t know.  But, really?  Aside from the absurdity of the story, what the hell is wrong with help our own starving people first? I have no problem with aid to other countries, but we have our problems that everyone seems to forget about.  Hunger and homelessness are not unique to Africa or any other part of the planet including our own country.  It is here in the Richmond area and in ever major or minor city in the country.

Saying that the money spent on celebrity should go somewhere else is just stupid.  There is a reason these people get the money they get: the public.  As long as we pay to see or hear these people perform, they will continue with the extravagance.  And, know what? We eat that mess up.  We live vicariously through them.  And, we love it.  As long as we do, they will have million dollar rings.  So what?  Those same people, however, often give substantial sums of money and/or time for charity.  Some go extreme, some only do it to look good or just to say they did.  Others, like the late Paul Newman, it becomes a passion.  No matter the reason, though, they have the ability to a tremendous amount of charity work. 

What is more amazing, however, is this story made the front page of Digg.  Right along with a story about Atheists ‘trying to get their message out’, 8 OS X quirks Apple must fix for Snow Leopard and the usual anti-FOX News story.  It seems like the majority of ‘Diggers’ hate FOX News.  Some of the venom these people spew about FOX News is really pretty entertaining and, once again, underscores the age of these people.  Adults would use better grammar, spell things correctly and, at least, actually read or watch whatever they are railing against.  And there’s the big problem with the ‘social news’ sites:  many posters do not appear to have actually read whatever they write about. 

Digg has lots of potential, and I still go there, but it so far in the crapper now, I wonder what it would take to make it decent again.  And, yes, there is a bit of irony that there is a Digg button on this story.

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