Super Mario RPG Review

Video Game Review

By Chase


SuperMarioRPGSNESCoverArtUS Super Mario RPG is a classic role playing game that was released on the Super NES.  Nintendo recently released the game on the Wii Virtual Console.

I will rate each section on a scale of 1-7.

Graphics: 6

I don’t expect good graphics from the SNES. They’re as good as can be.

Plot: 6

Good plot. Peach is kidnapped by Bowser, but ??? steals his Keep. Peach goes flying to another guy. Mario meets Mallow and they defeat ????, who stole Mallow’s frog coin. Mario and friends soon discover they must save the Seven Stars to restore peace and the ability to grant wishes. Things go wrong, and the plot is so twisted, you could be dizzy.

Battle System: 4

I love battle RPGs. The system in this is so confusing because you don’t know the turn order. It’s very annoying. That’s why I took 3 points off, it’s that bad.

Characters: 7

You’ve got Mario, the hero; Peach, the weak princess; Bowser, the "enemy"; Mallow, a crybaby cloud who thinks he’s a frog; and the big guy, ???. There are tons more, but I don’t want to start spoiling it…

Difficulty: 6

There are some HARD bosses in this game, like Bowyer, Smithy, Johnny, andCalimari. Very challenging. Some of them have backup with strong attack power. It’s especially hard in the beginning when your party has so little HP. But keep levelling up and it’ll get easier. Not much easier, though.

Items: 7

There are TONS of items in this game, and some are very hard to get. You can spend a lot of time searching for items. I personally love the Red Essence and the KeroKero Kola. There’s normal Mushrooms to recover HP, Syrup to recover FP, Pick-Me-Ups to revive the fallen party members, and weapon items, like Mario’s Hammer, Mallow’s Cymbals, Geno’s Finger Shot, ???’s Chain Chomp, and ????’s Frying Pan.

Fun Factor!: 6

I love this game. It’s addicting. The battles pick most of the points up, because there are hundreds of battles. Even though the battle system is tricky, the battles are still fun. I personally like the items A LOT! It’s the smaller aspects that I really like, such as the inns, the item shops,
and leveling up.

Overall: 6

Get this game. GET IT. You’ll be playing non-stop! (AT least I was!)

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