Britain’s Got Talent, and boy do they…Susan Boyle

OK, so as is normal with me, I am a bit behind the times in the entertainment world.  Today, I overheard a couple of coworkers talking about something that happened recently in Great Britain.  They were talking about a woman who was performing for a TV show and was not what she seemed.  Indeed, that is an understatement.  Curious, I had find out what this was about.

As most people know, the Fox hit “American Idol” is the American version of the British programme.  Simon Cowell is a judge on that show as well.  And, as you know, these types of show generally favor young, attractive people who can also sing.  On American Idol, there have been a few people who made it on the show and went quite far based more on their talent.  Well, that’s going to happen on Britain’s Got Talent.

A Scottish woman, Susan Boyle, auditioned for the show.  She walks out on stage and is, nearly right away, laughed at and jeered by the audience.  The judges were also non-plussed by her appearance.  Simon Cowell asked her what her dream was.  She responded that she wanted to sing.  The audience laughs as does Cowell and the judges.  Then, she started to sing.

Boy oh boy…what a shock.  This woman can sing.  The poor sound quality of the YouTube clip could not make her sound bad.  The audience-judges included-were in shock.  Even crusty old Cowell smiled in approval.  Ms. Boyle could turn out to be one of the world’s best singers. Of course, we only heard the one song, but, man, she sure sang it well.  I’m not one who gets ‘goose bumps’ from listening to someone sing, but I did this time.  If you’ve not seen the clip, watch it, watch it now.

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2 thoughts on “Britain’s Got Talent, and boy do they…Susan Boyle

  1. Thanks, Leo. That guy is incredible as well. Just makes you wonder how many talented people like that are missed because of the age restriction placed on contestants here.

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