Apple lawsuit, Microsoft loses, iPhone kills satellite radio and Hard Rock Park to get a new name

  • According to Computerworld and TUAW, the iPhone is going to kill satellite radio.  Uh, right.  And I’m going to put an end to world hunger and end the war in Iraq.  Look, not everyone has an iPhone and-wait for it-not everyone wants one.  Satellite radio may die, but iPhone will nothing to do with it.
  • Conficker was a dud.  But, it is spreading via peer-to-peer on infected computers. According to Trend Micro, it should stop running on May 3.  C’mon people, practice safe computing for heaven’s sake.
  • Microsoft hit with $388 million dollar patent verdict.  A jury in Rhode Island decided that Microsoft’s product activation technology violated an unknown company’s patent.  While I dislike the product activation ‘feature’, Microsoft has been doing for quite some time now and most companies also do this.  This company, which I will not name here, seems to be yet another patent troll.
  • Speaking of patent lawsuits…Apple is being sued by patent troll Elan Microelectronics over multitouch, the technology Steve Jobs said ‘and we’ve patented it.’  Well, either Apple failed to do the research, the patent office missed it, Elan is full of crap or a combination of all of these.   Whatever the story, it is but yet one more shining example of how broken our patent system really is.  Touch technology is an obvious extension of the keyboard and screen.  It is something that has been around for years.  Every patent infringement lawsuit should be summarily dismissed and the whole bloody patent process be revamped.
  • Sony managed to outsell the Wii for two months in a row.  And now the ‘hard core’ people are proclaiming 2009 the ‘year of the PS3’.  Right. There were several anticipated PS3 releases that sold the system. Oh, and this was JAPAN.  Wii and XBOX 360 continued to whip PS3 in America and Wii was stomping both everwhere else.  Year of the PS3?  I don’t think so.
  • Hard Rock Park will be changing names after all.  Apparently, Hard Rock Park as seen from Medieval Times parking lot.the Hard Rock company was going to allow the new owners of the park to continue using the name but, and this came out of nowhere, a third party has stepped up and claims to own the ‘intellectual property’ to the park.  The former manager of the park, in a brilliant move, handed over the IP rights to the park to a company that HE helped form.  He did this prior to the park filing for bankruptcy last year.  IP, in this case, means the look of the park.  Everything from signage to the shows and the overall appearance of the park is included.  The legality of this is in question, but the last thing the new owners need right now is a costly, protracted court battle. So, it is apparently cheaper to just rebrand the park than to fight this seemingly bogus claim.  Hard Rock Park’s story just gets better and better.  I doubt Hollywood could have come up with a more twisted plot than this.
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