Adobe’s update antics

Adobe.  What more can I say?  Before I go into this rant, I have to point out some dumbass things I have read recently, by many bloggers, about Silverlight.  One of the things that these people dog Silverlight for is the need to have to download one more plug in. This is from people who complain that Chrome or some other browser is not as good as Firefox because of the LACK of plug ins.  You know what, that’s just too damn bad.  These same people HAPPILY put up with the crap that Adobe puts out. PURE CRAP.

The proliferation of PDF and Flash video on the internet is reaching absurdity.  A few weeks ago, I bought a new desktop. Naturally, during the course setting up the machine, an Adobe PDF Reader update was required.  So, I let it do it and, surprise, the update failed.  I had to update manually.  I have since downloaded and installed FOXIT Reader, a leaner and better reader.  Why did I do it?  Because as soon as the Adobe Reader update was done, it kept telling me there was an update…for the same bloody version.  Uninstalling that turd of a program fixed the problem.  By the way, Foxit Reader is much better.

This week I am on vacation and my laptop dies.  I purchased a replacement laptop and, guess what? Same freaking thing.  Adobe immediately told me it needed an update.  Tangent:  HP preinstalls Adobe.  So, I let it update.  This time, it only informed me once that an update was necessary.  BUT…the update failed and I had to install manually.  Foxit will be going on here too.

Now, lets talk FLASH.  I like Flash.  I do.  I helped implement it at the company that employs me.  I use YouTube a lot.  (Check out my amusement park videos.)  BUT…once again, there seems to be this endless parade of updates.  And the latest update has pretty much killed my ability to view those bloody YouTube videos in Internet Explorer.  I have to use Chrome, of all damn things, to watch the videos.  Chrome, by the way, is getting better.  I’m still not a fan, but I have to admit that it is getting better.

So far, with Silverlight, I think I’ve been asked to upgrade it once.  And that was only after downloading an offline Silverlight application.  It just works. 

This endless parade of plug ins and run times is getting ridiculous, but that is the way of the ‘net.  I’ll practice what I preach and just deal with it. At least these companies are supporting the junk they put out.  And I have to give kudos to Sun.  While the tasktray pop ups can get annoying, at least Sun is not obtrusive.  Adobe’s mess interferes too much and the need to run specific versions for this web site or that web site is, well, they could do much better, I think.

If Microsoft were smart-and they are-they would open up Windows Update to third parties.  Charge them a small fee, perhaps, but allow things such as the Java runtime or Adobe’s crap to be sent to machines via the Windows Update service.  I would not mind the seemingly endless barrage of updates from them or anyone else.

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