Palm PRE announcements

Yet another industry show, Web 2.0, came and went this week and our favorite mobile device maker-no, the OTHER one-presented more material about our favorite new Smartphone.  Palm showed off third party applications from Fandango and Pandora as well as showing off PRE’s messaging abilities.  Internet clients like Google Talk and AIM as well as SMS are available. Unlike the mobile fruit phone, PRE does allow background processing-like any real handheld would-which would allow one to play Pandora in the background while browsing other apps.  pre_05

Palm also discussed the webOS SDK, an early preview program for the SDK, the ‘classic’ Palm OS emulator and some net services (I refuse to ‘cloud’ any further.)  The SDK includes a set of integrated net services which will use a standard publish-subscribe system to allow data to be transferred to and from these services to the devices.  It is, essentially, the ‘push’ that the fruit company has had such a difficult time developing.

The Palm OS Emulator does not come pre-installed.  I’m not sure that is a bad thing.  At first, I felt it should be free and preinstalled.  The more I thought, though, the more I think it is ok that they want to sell this thing.  The target audience for the PRE is not necessarily existing Palm customers.  No, I think they are going after the same market AND business, perhaps, that the fruit company covets. Most of this group, likely, never owned a Palm device or, if they did, they do not have a great deal of software for that platform.  And, lets face it, that operating system stopped being relevant about five years ago and the only decent software since is likely to games that are available everywhere.

The one important set of details were not disclose: price and availability.  I’m hoping it is really soon and price is around or under $200.  I’m tiring of my Moto Q and want to replace it VERY SOON!  Here’s hoping ‘soon’ is sometime in the next month or two.

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