No more Guiding Light, Texas hates Vista, PRE to run old software and Kyle Busch is 4

  • Soap cancelled after 72 years on the air.  CBS announced today that the Guiding Light, on the air for 72 years-no kidding-has been cancelled and will air its last episode on September 18,2009.  The show began as a 15 minute radio program on NBC Radio in 1937.  It moved to CBS television in 1952.  The shows ratings began a spiral slide over the last few years and CBS tried to save show by, oddly enough, making it look and sound like a home video.  The show left the studio and went on location-which, seems to me, to be more costly.  They went to what seemed to be ‘prosumer’ quality video cameras and tinny sound.  It was awful.  I have to admit to having a soft spot for this program as it was on at three o’clock every afternoon, which was right when I got home from school.  I was hooked for years—until I started working, anyway.  It jumped the shark with the third death and reincarnation of Roger Thorpe.  Longtime viewers will remember that.
  • Texas Senator wants to make Vista illegal.  Senator Juan Hinojosa (D) has added a proposal to the $182 billion state budget that, essentially, bars state agencies from buying ‘Vista technology related to an operating system, equipment or licenses.’  I suppose he does not realize that most new PCs come with Vista or that Windows 7 is based on Vista or that any number of Microsoft services or other software that is coming out of Redmond has Vista code or technology somewhere.  What an idiot. 
  • Kyle Busch is a four year old.  This guy just can’t do anything right.  At least, that is what many in the press are saying.  Following Monday’s rain delayed NASCAR Camping World Series Truck race, Busch parked his vehicle and left the track.  To quote David Poole, a reporter for the Charlotte Observer and host of the Sirius NASCAR show ‘the Morning Drive’, Busch acted ‘like a four year old.’  So, let’s get this right:  Mr. Poole is upset that Busch, 23, ‘ran down pit road like a four year old’ and did not say anything to the press.  He finished 17th after leading most of the race.  He had a pit road violation and was put down a lap that he was unable to make up.  Mr. Poole says that Busch could have ‘gracefully’ said no to the press and then left.  So, lets get this straight:  a driver who finishes 17th and leaves the facility in a hurry is bashed because he didn’t ‘gracefully’ say no to an interview.  Are you kidding me?  I don’t see them in a rush to talk to the guy who finishes tenth, let alone 17th. Kyle Busch is a character.  He is something that people like Mr. Poole say the sport needs.  Then, when he doesn’t say something controversial and just leaves, he still gets beaten up for it.  Mr. Poole and his listeners have not stopped chatting about it.  He seems really ticked about it.  Really?  By the way, Kevin Harvick won the race.  Just in case anyone was interested.  Moving on..
  • Palm’s PRE to run old software.  Yay.  I was unable to sleep because I was so worried about my shiny new PRE running my old PalmOS software.  Not really, of course, since I don’t have a PRE yet.  And, if I did, running old PalmOS software on the device is probably the last thing I would want to do.  Yeah, there is a lot of PalmOS software out there, but it’s time has come and gone.  I still have a fully functioning Palm Zire 31 for that stuff.  Palm should just make a clean break.  I suspect the people buying the PRE are not going to longtime Palm users anyway.  Those people probably bolted years ago or are clinging to the old devices for dear life and will eschew these new fangled touchy things.  Just a guess.
  • Steve Wozniak finally voted off that dancing show.  Huh.  It took this long?  Seriously?  Who cares…the important thing is that that Megan chick was finally booted from American Idol.  How’s this for hard hitting news?
  • In other news, Apple is bringing us the WWDC in June.  Microsoft is releasing a small business server.  President Obama fired the CEO of General Motors (I didn’t know he could do that, impressive, most impressive.)  Internet Explorer 8 is a dog and no one wants it.   No one reads these posts.
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3 thoughts on “No more Guiding Light, Texas hates Vista, PRE to run old software and Kyle Busch is 4

  1. iGoogle…well, that explains the odd urls I have been seeing. They look like partial google searches. I couldn’t quite figure out what that was about. Thanks for reading. Good to know people are reading more than just the digital tv conversion, CBS color history or looking for Apollo photos.

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