The Microsoft ad and Apple mentality

OK, so Microsoft is trying a new tact at revamping its image and fighting Apple: use ‘real’ people in ads that show how expensive Macs are.  Apparently, the first person is an actress.  Whatever.  I don’t care if she is or is not.  Heck, I would be surprised if she were NOT actress. 

Anyway, much has been written about this particular ad.  Specifically, those who defend Apple at all costs (I’ll refer to them as ‘haters’, as that is what they would label me) gleefully point to the “I’m not cool enough for a Mac” line in the ad.  On the surface, this probably seems like a good thing to them.  I would point out, though, that it is probably sarcasm.  I would probably say something a bit more snarky than that, but she was making an ad, I am not.  The point is that Macs, for no other reason than Apple chooses to, are far more expensive than most Windows based computers. 

My computer is way more powerful than anything Apple sells for under $1500.  My computer was macproquadcore about $630(US).  It is a quad core machine with 8gb of RAM and a 750gb hdd.  In fact, a quick trip to the online Apple store reveals that I’d have to buy a Mac Pro-which starts at $2,499, to get anything close to what is in my machine.  And, yeah, my machine does not have the Apple ‘flair’, but, from the photos on the site, I’m glad.  That Mac Pro is one of the ugliest computers I’ve seen, this side of Packard Bell.  Oh, that 2,499 dollars got you a machine with just 3gb of RAM.  Huh?  Why not four?  Why three?  Weird.

So, back to that ad.  I think it is on target.  What would have been better is if they had actually gone in the Apple store and shot part of the ad there.  Of course, that would not have happened, and if it had, I’m sure Apple’s legal department would be all over it.  And those store personnel would be going to Best Buy looking for jobs.

It never ceases to amaze me as to what lengths Apple fans will defend the company and its products.  The haters are trying to use this ad as another reason why Apple is so cool and everyone else is not.  The haters will point to Vista and all of its alleged problems while totally glossing over the problems with Leopard (which many of them will discuss amongst themselves, but no one else, lest the luster of Apple be tarnished.)  The haters will point out the nasty malware that infects a Windows machine at the very moment you touch it.  Why, they get malware without even being turned on.  While the fruit eating kitty cat machines will never, ever get anything close to malware, they never ever crash, they never ever have to be restarted after changing or updating anything and kitty cat owners are oh, so cool and smart and never ever worry about what they click on while surfing the net.  We poor, uneducated, uncultured, unsophisticated (did I spell it right?) Windows user have to live in fear, wasting our time fixing our machines and never, ever being productive.

This ad was spot on and I hope they only get better. C’mon Ballmer, put more teeth in them.

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