Spore, revisited

Today I received an email from the Spore team informing me about some new things coming up for Wii, PC and the DS Lite.  A version or derivative of the original game.  As I was reading, it dawned on me that I had not installed it on the new computer nor had I even played the thing for quite a while now.  Even though I bought the Creature parts pack during Circuit City’s liquidation sale several weeks ago, I had not thought about Spore all that much.

Well, tonight I decided to install the game and the Creature pack.  I was a bit worried that it would not let me install the game since I had already installed three different times.  I installed it twice on the old PC and once on my laptop-only to find it would not work.  I did uninstall it from the laptop, but could not remember if I had done so on the old PC.  Fortunately, the draconian DRM either kept track of the uninstall or it is not quite as draconian as previously thought.  I don’t really care at this point:  it reinstalled fine.

To my dismay, however, it took a LONG time to install both packages.  Nearly an hour.  I thought something was wrong.  So, after the install was complete, I start the game…AFTER figuring out HOW.  I forgot that EA actually uses Vista’s Game Explorer: that was the only place I found an icon to start the game.  Also, I did not have the issues I had the first couple of times I installed the game.  This time, it just worked.  BUT…you KNEW there was one, right? once the game started, it told me there was an update and did I want to download and install it.  So I did.  Another fifteen minutes later, I was able to actually START playing.

I completely forgot just how much this game is and how involved you can get.  I don’t think I was as enamored with it when I first got the game.  It is a pretty good game and Wil Wright deserves kudos for coming up with this fantastic game.  As much as I enjoyed the game, however, I could not help but to think that the Creature pack is a complete rip off.  Yes, you get new parts, but this is something that should have been a free download and NOT retail box.  I only paid a few dollars, three or four, I don’t recall.  However, it retails for twenty dollars(US).  Twenty dollars for this is twenty-five too much.  EA, you should be ashamed.  As much as the core game costs, this add on package should either be included with the game or available as a free download. 

The new games, though, look very interesting.  There is something called ‘Spore Galactic Adventures’ that will be available for PC or Mac and there is a Spore game coming to the Wii.  Spore Hero  is an adventure game focusing on creativity and evolution. The game will take full advantage of Wii’s motion controls.  The DS is getting Spore Hero Arena.  Arena is a sequel of sorts to the Spore Creatures game already out on the DS.

If you enjoy simulation and ‘god’ games, Spore is a must. 

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