News Nibbles

  • Victory Junction Gang Camp bear in space.  Aboard the space shuttle this week is a stuffed bear from the Victory Junction Gang Camp.  The bears are always given to the children who visit the camp.  They are all made for the camp by volunteers and each is unique. 
  • Apple announces upgrades and enhancements to iPhone.  Among the announcements are cut/copy/paste, stereo Bluetooth support, app-wide search and landscape keyboard in all applications.  They also announced support for in-application stores, another means for both Apple and app developers to make more money.  Most of the ‘enhancements’ and upgrades are things that should have already been there, like the copy/paste thing.  Apple also confirmed that the long overdue ‘push’ feature would finally debut.  They still won’t have anything to do with the ‘battery draining’ background processes…even though iPhone is full of them (how else would it allow a call to come through while you are using an application…or how would that push work without a background process? Just sayin…
  • Microsoft made further revelations about Windows 7 public…by now, it doesn’t matter.  Release the damn thing!  Most of the new stuff is cosmetic, tweaks to the interface, etc.
  • Microsoft also announced Silverlight 3 at Mix09.  They also showed off new versions of Expression.
  • Like last year, Safari on Mac OS X was hacked…this time in 10 seconds.  TippingPoint has again sponsored the Pwn2Own contest.  Charlie Miller used a Macbook running the latest release of Mac OS X, was able to use a security hole he discovered last year to hack the browser. 
  • Google released another beta of Chrome that is supposed to be even faster.  Yawn.
  • IBM wants some SUNshine to liven its portfolio.  Yes, Big Blue wants to purchase Sun Microsystems. Such a purchase, which IBM values at 6.5 billion dollars(US), makes some sense.  The server market that Sun enjoys would be a very nice addition to IBM’s bottom line.  Makes sense to me.
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