Goodbye, Zune. It was nice….

I’m a patient person.  Sometimes, a bit too patient.  I will wait in line while some nitwit is trying to decide what to order, even though they have been standing there for twenty minutes yapping away on the phone only to decide what they want when asked.  I am pretty patient when it comes to technology as well.  To a point, that is.  Being a programmer myself, I understand what goes into many things.  I can overlook a lot. 

BUT…I have a limit to that patience.  And it has worn thin, very thin, with the Zune.  For well over a month now, I’ve had these maddening little problems like not being able to log into the Zune Marketplace, logging in but not being able to play anything, buying a song but not able to download it, etc.  For the last week, I thought my login and play problems were resolved.  Now, there’s a new issue:  I go to download a video and get:

Can’t download

This item is already in use.  Close any programs that might be using it or stop playing it and then try again.

ZuneError Now, how in hell can the file be in use IF IT HAS NOT COMPLETELY DOWNLOADED!?  How can I use something I don’t have?  Very frustrating.  Of course, I click the damned help button but-as is usual-it provided zero help.

I like the Zune, I really do, but I don’t care for these problems.  I went a year with nearly trouble free usage. Now, it’s all gone to crap.  I am sure it is a compatibility issue with Vista 64, but I have zero desire to be a test bed for something that should already be a complete, functioning and relatively problem free experience. 

iPod is out of the question.  We have one and it’s experience is far worse than this.  Besides, my son has taken that over and I have no desire to purchase a new iPod.  I think I will just use up the credits I have left on the Zune, drop the Zunepass and just use it for podcasts.  That Palm PRE should be out in a few months.  I am hoping it will fill my multimedia needs.

Zune, it was nice while it lasted.

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