Die Hard, the Abyss and Jerry Seinfeld

I haven’t posted over the last few days, mainly because I have not been feeling well.  I’ve had a migraine-like headache for several days. Today, though, I’ve felt better so I fired up Live Writer to post something.  Problem is, I just don’t have much to say.  There have been a few things in the tech world to talk about, but, by now, they have been thoroughly covered.  I was going to write about Windows 7 and some of the discoveries made over the last few days, but between Ed Bott, Paul Thurrot and other blogs, that’s been very well covered too.  So…what to write about.

Well, I thought I would take a page from Seinfeld and just write about nothing.  Already, though, I’ve managed to write about how I’ve been over the last few days and bore you about what I WAS going to write about.  So, here we are.  Since I have your attention, why talk about movies.  I don’t do that often. So, below, are two mini-reviews of movies I watched today.

DIE HARD – ***

Man, what can you say about Die Hard.  Die Hard is THE action movie of the 1980’s.  Starring Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman, Die Hard is about a New York policeman (Willis) who is visiting his estranged wife in Los Angeles. During a Christmas party in the Nakatomi Tower, a gang of thieves takes Willis’ wife and other employees of Nakatomi hostage.  Willis was not in plain sight, of course, and gets away.  Meanwhile, lead thief (Rickman) goes about the place, talking incessantly about nothing-much like I am doing now.  Of course, Willis manages to kill several thugs and cause mayhem for Rickman.  The police and the FBI look like total morons-to make Willis look better.  Needless to say, Willis saves the day and make a desk-bound cop a hero.  Rickman’s career manages to survive despite his character’s fall.  Die Hard is my favorite eighties action movie and one of my all time favorite action flicks.  It’s over the top, corny in places, unrealistic everywhere and, best of all, it is a fun, fun movie. It is Bruce at his best.


theabyss I had forgotten all about this film.  I remembered it while watching Leviathan…a truly forgettable film that mixes Alien with the Poseidon Adventure.  Just awful.  Anyway, the Abyss follows the story of a group of underwater oil riggers-or something like that, some marines and creatures of the deep.  One of the marines wigs out, tries to nuke the place and ultimately implodes. Literally.  Ed Harris manages to communicate with the creatures, the creatures save the underwater platform and all is well.  Except for this movie, that is.  The special effects are good, but, alas, the story is not.  Harris’ usual overacting makes the movie somewhat enjoyable.  Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio is just awful and the rest of the cast is just there.  While this film is not quite as bad as Leviathan, it is one to avoid nonetheless.  This movie was one of several movies released around the same time. Fortunately, that trend did not last long.

So there, I’m out of words now.  TTFN.

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