Victory Junction, Kansas, gets a very generous gift

Last year, Kyle Petty and his wife Patti announced a second Victory Junction Gang Camp in Kansas City.  The new camp is scheduled to open in 2011.  Today, the new camp got a huge boost when KBS Constructors of Topeka announced that it would build, free of charge, a state of the art, 1.5 million dollar, medical facility.  KBS president Dan Foltz made the announcement during a press conference.  The new facility will provide medical assistance to campers and will house the equipment for the children who attend the camp year round. 

“We are confident that our specialized experience in critical and sensitive environments makes KBS the right fit to build The Body Shop. We are excited to make this dream come true for the Pettys, Victory Junction and the thousands of children they will serve” Mr. Foltz said.

Victory Junction Gang Camp was the culmination of the Petty’s son Adam, who died in a crash in 2000 at the New Hampshire track.  Adam had visited a Whole in the Wall camp run by one of Paul Newman’s charities.  When Adam died, Kyle and Patty decided to see Adam’s dream through and build the camp, which opened in 2004.

The camp, located in Randleman, North Carolina, allows children with physical or medical conditions to attend a camp that is specially equipped for what ever needs they may have.  These children would, more than likely, never be able to attend a camp for ‘normal’ children.  At Victory Junction, they are all ‘normal’.  There is a medical staff on site at all times and the children are accompanied by trained staff.  Some of the staff are called Crew Chiefs and supervise a small group of children.  The children get to play games, sports, climb trees, climb a rock wall, bowl and do lots of other things they may not ever get to do. 

The camps are funded solely on donations from the public, the private sector and NASCAR and it’s drivers.  Several drivers, such as Tony Stewart and Kurt Busch have donated millions of dollars while other drivers have donated time and money to keep the camp functioning and provide some fun for the children.  The private sector, including generous companies such as KBS Constructors, Wal-Mart and Coca Cola have also donated millions of dollars and provide other means of support.

That KBS Constructors committed to building the medical facility during the current climate speaks volumes for both the company and the people who run it. 

You can read more here.

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