Windows Live Sync

The latest round of Windows Live resulted in a really nice feature that will sync up folders that you have specified with all of your computers.  It is a really nice feature and one that saves time.  Tonight, for instance, my son wanted to take pictures of the snow storm that is going thru the area.  So, armed with my Kodak EasyShare point and shoot, he took the pictures and I loaded them on my HP laptop.  This was a great test, as well, of  Windows 7.  I had not used the camera with the laptop since 7 was installed.  Windows 7 found the camera, downloaded a driver and off it went.  I used Windows Live Photo Gallery to import the photos directly from camera.  I then moved the photos to public photos directory with the thought of copying them to my desktop and offloading them onto a connected drive.  syncoptionsTo my delight, when I went up to the desktop, the photos-and the directory-were sitting in the Public Photos directory.  I had totally forgotten about the sync.  I then went and looked a little closer and found the other photos were now in both places.  This may seem wasteful, but I happen to like have multiple copies of my photos and documents as I have lost way too many in the past.

You manage the sync options via a popup and a website.  You must have a Windows Live ID to do so.  You can specify the folders and set limits via the web site. Management is simple and straight forward.  The key here is to remember that you have set this up.  I forget more often than I remember and end up making more work. However, I think that this is a nice feature and it is free. 

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