Chrome revisited

Now that the ‘product’ has had a bit more time to develop, I thought I should revisit the browser wannabe.  My first impressions, months ago, were mostly negative.  In hindsight, I was probably a bit harsh on the browser.  I remember getting a bit miffed when my blog was not displaying correctly.  I used the browser, off and on, for a few weeks.  I eventually uninstalled it.  I got tired of wondering if I were seeing sites the way they were supposed to be seen…that is, complete. I wasn’t. I’d go to Firefox or IE and see far more of the site than what Chrome was rendering.  Curious, and knowing that it was built on WebKit, like Safari, I decided to fire up Safari to see if it were having the same issues.  Well, it was and wasn’t.  Safari rendered more than Chrome, but I found that it, too, was not completely rendering sites, my blog included.  I had not paid much attention before, but Safari was not rendering all of the sidebar content nor the Sprout plugins…odd, since Sprout is an Apple thing now.  Go figure.

So, I downloaded the latest version of Chrome and install it on my Vista 64bit installation.  Guess what?  It runs fine.  It *SEEMS* to render things completely.  I *APPEARS* to be fast…but only after you’ve visited a site a few times.  This blog rendered slowly at first, but the next time I went to it, it came up pretty quickly.  Other sites, like CNN, came up right away.  Of course, Google took no time to render, but even the twisted sister browser on my Motorola Q renders Google fast.  Hell, so does the Kindle. 

Speed does not seem to be a problem overall, though.  I was happy with the speed that most sites rendered in, but I would not go so far as to say it is the fastest browser.  I still think Safari is faster.  I kind of like Safari for Windows.  Though I don’t use it as my everyday browser-that is still IE 7-I find myself using Safari more than Firefox-which has just gotten meh, why bother?  But, we’re talking some Chrome here.  As long as I don’t have to wait more than a few seconds (10 to 25, at most) for a page to display, I’m happy.  Any longer, I start to get frustrated.  All of the browsers I use render in adequate time.  I don’t place as much emphasis on speed as others do.  I would rather have a functional browser that renders the page completely than something that pops up in a second, but leaves half the content behind.  And, by the way, I suspect the reason that Chrome was so fast in it’s earlier incarnations was because it was not rendering everything.  Just a thought.

Overall, the new version of Chrome is far better than that first version I played with months ago.  BUT…I find myself wondering why I would use it.  I already use IE, Firefox and Safari on my PC.  Why would I want another?  The only compelling reason to use Chrome is the ‘make it look like an app’ feature.  That is not enough, though.  It suffers the same thing that Opera does…why use it?  Scraping the crud from the packages and you are left with adequate browsers.  It is a matter of which features do you use the most?  I suspect the majority of people reading this use Firefox and use it because of the plug ins.  That is the only real reason to use it versus Safari, IE, Opera or Chrome.  I’m not big on plug ins, I do like a few, so I use IE, mainly.  I use Safari often, mostly because it is not Firefox and does an adequate job.  I use Firefox to take advantage of some of the plug ins when I want them.  I just don’t have much need-or desire-to use Chrome or even Opera (even though Opera is probably the best of all of them.)

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