Social butterflies…Twitter, Facebook and Friendfeed

I’ve never thought much about the whole ‘social’ thing that seems to have taken the internet by storm.  The most ‘social’ I’ve been is probably this blog and the comments system.  Then Microsoft expanded the ‘live’ part of the Live Services.  I also created a Twitter account, use Friendfeed and, more recently, created a Facebook account.  I use Twitter, but not like most of the people I follow and at least 30 people find my few posts interesting enough to follow me.  While I find Twitter interesting, I am not sold on it.  I feel the same about Facebook.  Facebook is a puzzle to me.  While I’ve been fortunate enough to find so dear friends from high school, I find it is too much work to actually use. 

I feel that web destinations like Facebook and Twitter should be fun or, at least, informational.  I find Twitter to be very informational. Most of the people I follow have interesting things to say and are, for the most part, informational and/or entertaining.  Andy Ihnatko, for example, is a blast to read.  So is Dick DeBartolo-the GizWiz.  Others, like Long Zheng and Paul Thurrot often tweet newsbits about Microsoft or Windows.  I follow a few, though, that tweet all damn day.  They never stop.  Some of it good stuff, most is just noise.  It’s like radio for the internet, in 140 character snippets.  Kind of weird.

Facebook, though, is another thing.  The site is very busy.  The menu system is just awful.  I get these really weird invitations to ‘play’ some game with someone who generally is not even around when I am.  What the hell is that?  The damn thing just takes too much thought to use.  It, like Twitter, seems to be something you should be on all day.  I just don’t have that kind of time.  And, frankly, I don’t care that someone is having a cup of coffee and eating a donut while watching Battlestar Galactica and I am pretty sure no one cares what I’m doing while watching that same show or anything else, for that matter.  Well, maybe my wife would. 

Don’t misunderstand me, though.  I’m not saying these things are bad.  If you like and enjoy them, that’s great. Facebook is more of a mystery to me than Twitter.  While Facebook and Twitter are both blocked where I work, I can still sneak a peek at them during lunch.  Both have mobile versions of the sites and both kindly offer to send me text messages if I want them.  Thanks, I’ll pass on them for now.

Friendfeed is very useful.  It can aggregate your rss, Twitter and other feeds into one page.  It dynamically updates itself.  It is extremely useful.   I would suggest you go there and create your own account.  It’s free and easy to use.

Microsoft has done a fair job integrating more ‘social’ features into the Live Service.  Though I did read an article today about how they want to turn it into another Facebook, Live, right now, has just enough social features to be useful, but not over done like Facebook. 

I think my biggest problem with all of these types of sites is that I just have not integrated them into my life.  I tend to not think about Twitter or Facebook.  Sometimes it is days before I tweet (I don’t count the automated tweets that are sent when I post to this blog) and other days I use it allot…for me, anyway.  Besides, do you really, really care that I just finished watching Battlestar Galactica and was confused beyond belief?  I didn’t think you did.

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