Crytek, just how many Cray supercomputers are needed to play Crysis?

So, as I recently wrote, I bought a new computer.  It is fast, really fast, or so I thought.  Last night, on the drive home, I stopped by a local, soon-to-be-shuttered, Circuit City store to see what was left.  I have to say, I felt dirty doing so.  Circuit City is a home town company and it is sad to see them go this way.  But, they are liquidating.

Anyway, I was walking down the computer games aisle and figured I would buy a game that would take advantage of all of this new found power I have.  So I bought Crysis, from Crytek and EA.  Now, this game, when it came out, had very high requirements.  Requirements, by the way, that are ONLY found on a piece of tape on the bottom of the case.  My computer seemed to exceed those requirements by quite a bit.  How much computer would I need?  This game came out almost two years ago, after all.

Once installed, I started the Vista Game Explorer-yes, I use that-and it said that Crysis required a machine with a Vista Performance rating of 3.0 but a machine with a rating of 5.0 was recommended.  Since my machine clocks in at 4.0 (all of the ratings are 4.3 or higher, with the processor, memory and hard disk clocking in at 5.9-the graphics are what bring it down to the 4.0.)  So, I thought I’d be OK with the game set at the mid-level graphics.

Well, I was wrong.  The game seemed to be running at a frame rate of 10.  SLOW.  I thought, what the hey?  How many Cray Supercomputers do you need to play this thing?  Holy cow.  I’m not even sure a Cray could handle this.  Maybe that cluster of PS3’s that NASA used might be enough.  Maybe that AND the Cray.  Not sure.

I guess if I keep this game for the next three years, this computer’s replacement might, just might, be able to run the game.  Of course, I probably won’t care then. 

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